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How to make a Difference with Gen Z

Gen Z is notoriously difficult for marketers to figure out. They’re online, on-trend, and always ready to try something new. One thing we can say for certain about Gen Z is their huge capacity to care: this generation is 65% more likely to be vegan for animals and the environment, more likely to take public transport or walk instead of drive, and are supportive of sustainable supply chains, beauty, and food.

This report is for brands who want to understand Gen Z in the Philippines: what they like, what they don’t like, and what they’re looking for from the brands they support. In order to get this mysterious and vivacious generation on their side, brands have to demonstrate commitment and genuine care for the values of Gen Z. With help from Wattpad, this whitepaper will help you make a difference with the world’s most active, and activist, generation yet.


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