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Supporting the Stans

We reinforced Globe Telecom’s position as the purveyor of the filipino digital lifestyle by creating an ownable position in K-Culture. Our insights, strategy and partnerships gave Filipino K-pop fans access to the content and stars they ‘stan’, because we believe that where you live shouldn’t get in the way of what you love.


Brand Challenge

Reinforce Globe’s position as the purveyor of the Filipino digital lifestyle by establishing the brand’s relevance among K-Culture fans.


Cultural Opportunity

Embrace the 1mm+ K-Culture fans in the Philippines through content, community and conversation.


Platform Solution

Globe launched the Globe K-Munity, an online fan community that served as the online hub for K-Culture fans. Through the Globe K-Mmunity (sp), fans gained access to first-of-their kind partnerships with content platforms, live streams, and fan experiences.

  • Client

    Globe K-Culture

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