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Rewarding Gamers who Game

We created a long term esports strategy for AIS, leading to the launch of a ‘Connect, Create, Compete, Share’ proposition, including a first-of-its kind partnership with Facebook Gaming because we believe that gamers who watch and win should be rewarded for what they love most.


Brand Challenge

Drive youth segment engagement for AIS while increasing watch hours for Thailand’s leading casters and streamers on facebook


Cultural Opportunity

Leverage leading creators (Basgamer, PJY Gamer, Dearlong (เดียร์ลอง), BoxSkin Channel, BLACK Gamer ไทบ้านเล่นเกม) in the gaming community to reward consumers during key viewing and top-up windows


Platform Solution

Strategic partnerships to offer promotions during key windows, through integration of AIS with Facebook’s in-stream rewards technology

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