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Prime Video: Hollywood Thrills on Southeast Asia’s Streets

We launched Citadel, Prime’s priority star-studded big-budget spy-thriller series across Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, with a keen focus on the Philippines.



Uptake and demand for content in Southeast Asia have increased as more OTTs enter the market. Yet the excitement of a tentpole title launch tends to be almost exclusively on the other side of the world.



We brought the world of Citadel into each city, raising awareness and converting new audiences to the platform by engaging spy-centric fandoms and thrill-seekers in an immersive way.


We activated Manila with Citadel Crack the Codes — an immersive activation that hid USD10,000 in a secret Black Site somewhere in the capital, live streaming it 24/7, sending people on a code-cracking experience all over the internet to uncover its location.



Citadel was a rousing success across Southeast Asia. In unlocking fandoms, it garnered over 4.95M reach in the four key markets in the first two weeks of release. 89% of the positive sentiment was driven by fans of the genre & the actors, representing segments that can be harnessed for future seasons/spin-offs. 


Citadel Crack the Codes also saw over 30,000 participants, a first-of-its-kind that exceeded the results of Prime’s closest competitor’s activations — a clear winner in the spy-action genre and category.


Our creator engagements also opened up new possibilities. On TikTok and Instagram, Citadel garnered over 3.2M views and 249K engagements through creator activations in SG, ID, and TH.  Interestingly, a new creator type showed immense potential, with results from movie reviewers demonstrating promising results.