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Klook: Transforming the Swiftie Travel Experience

Founded on the mission of bringing the world closer together through experiences, Asia’s leading travel and experiences platform, Klook, saw an opportunity to strengthen their position by extending their reach through passion points.


Opportunity / Challenge

Recognizing that fans from other Southeast Asian countries and beyond are likely to fly into Singapore for the show, Culture Group was engaged to build an approach that will tap into these fans’ culture wallets. Leveraging on their platform’s multi-vertical capabilities, Klook was able to marry a once-in-a-lifetime tour with all that Singapore had to offer — opening new doors for fans to authentically experience the city’s unique offerings.




By keeping all experiential offerings within the platform, we brought commerce to the fore and allowed Klook to reach their audience organically. This strategy earned them recognition amongst wider Southeast Asian fans as the brand that facilitated their trip to a concert that was exclusively happening in Singapore. 



Aligning the brand’s ambition with the concertgoers’ travel needs, we crafted a multi-layered partnership opportunity that involved onboarding Klook as the Official Experience Partner of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour. Klook was granted exclusive rights to offer authentic experiences including bundled show tickets with other tourism products such as hotel stays, dining, and tours.



The ticketing process was supported, ensuring alignment with Ticketmaster, and managed end-to-end, including reviews and negotiations with key artist stakeholders for approvals on packages, pricing structure, and creative output.



Culture Group’s work with Klook saw success across the region on various metrics — from an increase in attraction purchases during the launch of the Eras Tour to coveted packages being sold in under two hours, to fans around the region willingly spending more than SG$1,700 to each secure their Klook Experience Packages.  


Most crucially, Culture Group enabled Klook’s entry into the hotel category and created a new brand association built upon its core attraction offering. Major hotels around the region are recognizing this success as they seek future collaborations with Culture Group.


Eric Gnock Fah, COO & Co-Founder, Klook:

“The Eras Tour has accelerated this demand for travel experiences, and when tickets went live on Klook platform, the most coveted packages were sold out in just under two hours.”