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Web3, Wallets and Winning the Next Culture Revolution

In 2022, are there buzzwords bigger than ‘Web3’ and ‘metaverse’ – especially in the world of business, technology and marketing? 

At Culture Group, far too often we see brands rush into ‘the metaverse’ by creating virtual (and often playable) worlds, or start minting NFTs, for fear of missing out on the opportunity. However, Web3 is so much more than funky bacon heads and blurry monkey JPEGs.

In the latest edition of Culture Drop – our quarterly publication deep diving into key topics in consumer culture – we unpack the fascinating world of Web3 in Southeast Asia – not from the perspective of technology, but from the perspective of culture and marketing. In the process, we seek to ground this new space in familiar anchors for all marketers, who might not necessarily be crypto bros 😉

Readers can expect to journey through three main arguments. Firstly, Web3 is the latest chapter in SEA’s story of decentralization. Brands looking to enter Web3 in a meaningful way need to first recognize that it is fundamentally about empowering individuals.

Secondly, the main enabling tool for participation in Web3 is blockchain wallets. We dive into the state of this technology in the region, and their significance for marketers.

Lastly, we explore three key opportunities that brands can act on to win in Web3 – all enabled through blockchain wallets – across commerce, culture and community.

At the end of it, we hope your head is buzzing – in a good way – with inspiration, ideas, and innovation opportunities. If you find yourself eager to take the leap, drop us a note and let’s discuss how we could work together.

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